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Other Permits and Licenses

The County Clerk's Office issues fireworks permits and liquor licenses, after approval by the Board of Commissioners.

Fireworks Permits

For a permit to sell fireworks, first contact County Planning to confirm requirements.

Fireworks Permit Fees, payable to the County Clerk's Office

  • $2,500 for a five-month seasonal permit
  • $3,800 for an annual permit
  • The necessary insurance certificate needs to accompany the fees

Liquor Licenses: Retail, Restaurant, Club, Winery, and Malt Beverage

There are currently no retail liquor licenses available within a 5-mile radius of Cheyenne.

Liquor license applications are filed in the County Clerk's Office and must be accompanied by the appropriate fee.

Rules: Hours of Operation for Alcohol Sales

Liquor License Fees

Retail License Within 5-Mile Radius 1500.00
Retail Malt Beverage License 350.00
Retail License Outside 5-Mile Radius 850.00
Limited Retail (Club) 400.00
Restaurant Within 5-Mile Radius 1500.00
Restaurant Outside 5-Mile Radius 1500.00
Resort 3000.00
Bar and Grill 1500.00
Microbrewery 500.00
Winery 500.00
24-Hour Malt Beverage Permit 50.00
24-Hour Catering Permit 50.00
Transfer Fee 100.00
Renewal Applicant Advertising Fee 100.00
New Applicant Advertising Fee 200.00